Price at 698.000 TL, VAT incl.

With this package deal, we offer you choosing the right exercise equipment for your 200 m2 size of environment quick and easy. We offer product consultation services to make sure your gym is furnished with the best equipment available to meet your users’ exercise and personal training needs.

Here you will find treadmills, exercise bikes, strength equipments, stations, benches, free weights and accessories. Think about it as a sample package deal. Here we selected the products from our most relevant brand Prowellness Basic Line. If you would like to select products from other Series or if you want to increase/decrease amount of products, we can do that for you!

We are offering below the threshold just to help you to start your own gym or add to an existing commercial facility.

Selected products will fill a physical space for 160 sqm and will be enough for fitness clubs which has a space between 220 to 250 sqm.

All products below are under warranty for 2 years as well as 10 years warranty for spare parts.

You can check below links for specs of products.

List of Package Deal 1 :

4 units Prowellness T180  5 HP AC treadmill

2 units Prowellness 100 U upright bike

2 units Prowellness 100 R recumbent bike

2 units Prowellness 100 D elliptical

1 unit Diesel Fitness R500 rowing machine

1 unit Prowellness Chest Press

1 unit Prowellness Butterfly

1 unit Prowellness Shoulder Press

1 unit Prowellness Seated Leg Curl

1 unit Prowellness Seated Leg Extension

1 unit Prowellness Abductor

1 unit Prowellness Adductor

1 unit Prowellness 4 Stack Station

1 unit BL280 Functional Trainer

1 unit BL300 Smith Machine

2 units BL130 Multi Adjustable Bench

1 unit BL Weight Bench Press

1 unit BL150 Roman Chair

1 unit BL170 Scott Curl

1 unit BL131 Adjustable Crunch Bench

1 unit BL Dumbell Rack

1 unit Olympic Z Bar 119 cm.

1 unit Olympic Bar 180 cm.

1 unit Olympic Bar 210 cm.

360 kg. Prowellness Weight Plates

Prowellness Dumbell set (2,5-25) kg.

4 unit Prowellness 1.5 cm. Mat

4 unit Prowellness Pilates ball 65cm.

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