Customer Information Security And Confidentiality

Spor ve Biz, undoubtly, will not share to the third-party people any kind
of information that our customers has input in our system to proceed the
purchase via our website.

Credit Card Security

Our company always prioritizes the security of our credit card holder
consumers that do online shopping in our website. Your private information
and data are not withhold in our system under no circumstances.

Any kind of information is secured by a passcode system. These
informations are only used by our copmany as a part of sales process and the
given destination instruction for the delivery of the order(s). The personal
information of the credit card holder during the purchase of the item(s) are
used, coded and interrogated seperately from our system by the 128 byte SSL
(Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol and are sent to the relevant bank. After the
approved card usability, the order(s) will be proceeded. Any kind of
information related to the credit card is not viewed or recorded by us, or
shared with any third-party people under no circumstances.

Any kind of possible falsibiality related to the purchases made by credit
card, as well as, the security check of the delivery, payment or invoice
address is inspected by our company to restrict any kind of Credit Card
Fraud. In this case, the customers who are intending to purchase a product from our website, they must confirm the accurancy of the financial and address/telephone information so the product(s) can be supplied and delivered. If necessary, the owner of the credit card or the relevant bank will be contacted to verify the purchase of the product(s).

Nowadays, customers prefer to purchase product(s) from websites that contain the proper customer service informations related to the address and the contact number. By this means, the customer can get any kind of information related to uncertain topics, and also be accurately informed about the reliability of the company that is providing the services.

If the web browser contains the https// part, it means that the SSL of the website is trustable. In this way, when you enter our website, the ‘lock’ symbol will appear below the browser. This proofs that our website is secured and posseses the SSL certification. You can enter the website as shown in the link below. With our SSL provided web site, our valuable customers can securely do their online purchases.

Email Privacy and Security

Please be careful not to send any kind of information related to your credit card or passcode when sending us an email related to your purchase(s). The information contained in the email can be viewed by a third-person our of the content. Our company does not claim responsibility for any kind of private information leaked from your emails. Please send your emails by only containing questions/requests related to the purchase(s). DO NOT specify any kind of information related to your Personal Number, Telephone Number or Credit Card information in the email.

Online Shopping Security and SSL Certificate

Every purchase made via a credit card through our website is under the guarantee of Geotrust RapidSSL Certification. Your credit card information is coded by a 128 byte protection system. You can verify and understand if the SSL (Secure Soket Layer) is active during your payment process in our website, if you see the ‘lock’ symbol at the left corner of the browser, right before the address bar.