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As SPOR VE BİZ, we aim to get the highest positive feedback from our customers regarding the purchased item(s). Nevertheless, in case of any defect detected in the purchased item(s), please read below our applied return policies.

If the item(s) purchased has any kind of item(s) originated defect; you can return the item(s) within 30 working days after the purchase. All the returns must be 100% complete, contain all the original boxes and packing materials, the guarantee certificiation, item(s) invoice, all the accessories and documentations provided from our company.

After the item(s) defect evaluation, examination and approval from our company, the item(s) will be replaced with the identical new item(s) or the amount of the purchase will be refunded.

The delivery of the item(s) to the cargo company will be made after the secured package procedure is done. If any item(s) defect is originated from the cargo company, they will be held responsible for the possible incoming item(s) defect.


The item(s) return must be made by contacting us via our telephone number, fax or e-mail, including the Order Number that has been mentioned in the Approval Form that You have recieved after the purchase of the item(s). In the e-mail, it is required to expressly acknowledge a resonable purpose for the return of the item(s).

As mentioned, the item(s) must be placed in the original boxes and packing materials including the guarantee certification, item(s) invoice and the documentations related to the item(s). You must keep in track the returning procedure via the Return Tracking Number and You must send the item(s) to the address mentioned below.

Tel: 0 216 372 32 85

We suggest you to return the item(s) via a Trackable Cargo Company. Returns made via Sürat Cargo are free of charge. Please keep in mind that You hold the responsibility to deliver us the item(s), so we can examinate and approve the defected item(s) and refund the amount of the purchase.


According to the consumer rights, the right of withdrawal from the product purchased has been limited to 7 days. In the meantime, You can complete the returning of the item(s) (including the invoice and the unharmed package) without mentioning an excuse. The returns that do not contain the item(s) invoice and are made after 7 days of purchase will not be accepted by our company. In the meantime, the return of the products that have been detected as defected, is limited to 30 days after the purchase. The defected item(s) will be returned after the approval from our techanical service teams. In this case, the cargo charges will be taken into account from our company. In the meantime, the item(s) will be sent to the authorized repair services near your location.

As SPOR VE BİZ, we get our products supplied only from companies that own corporative structure. The possible forthcoming issues related to the item(s) our customers have purchased, will be examined by SPOR VE BİZ, and we will provide our customers with the identical new item(s) or if required the amount of the purchase will be refunded. If necessary, the defected item(s) will also be sent to the Producing Company for further examination. After the Approval from the Producing Company, the item(s) will be replaced with the new one(s) or the purchasing amount will be refunded to our customer. After the Approval, the customer is required to send the product in the original box and packing materials, including; the guarantee certification, invoice and the rest of the documentations to the address of SPOR VE BİZ. The customers are responsible for the delivery charges for all the products that will be returned to SPOR VE BİZ. It is important that the returns are made via Trackable Cargo Companies. Until the defected item(s) are recieved by our company, the customer holds responsibility for any situation occured to the item(s).


You can cancel the orders within the same day by contacting us via our telephone number or complete the process via ‘My Orders’ section in our website. You can not complete an online order cancelation if the order(s) are already shipped.


All the products sold at Spor ve Biz are guaranteed and certified by With the Approval of the defected item(s), they will be replaced with the identical new one(s) or the purchasing amount will be refunded to our customer. The guarantee terms and conditions are valid for all the guaranteed products. We have the item repairment center within our company. Therefore, the defected item(s) will be sent to the Producing Company. Approximate repair time is maximum 30 days.


Considering the Guarantee Time Limit and the products that are guaranteed, we offer technical services in 114 different points throughout Turkey. Please contact us to arrange You the nearest technical service to your location, so we can organize the item(s) reparing procedures.