We are projecting your plans!

Our experts make the process of choosing the right exercise equipment for your environment quick and easy. We offer product consultation services to make sure your gym is furnished with the best equipment available to meet your users’ exercise and personal training needs. We also provide gym layout, renders and design services, so you can get the most out of the space you have available.

You are almost there with your new investment idea! We are eager to understand your expectations and advice with you on the right target.

We specialized in reputable and durable brands of Commercial Gym Equipments known for many years. Our brands in Fitness Equipments are BH Fitness, Prowellness, Diesel Fitness, Profitness

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Our main target is to offer you high quality wholesale gym equipment at low price. Bringing you more than 25 years of experience side by side with fitness, health, and sports operators, we work for your facility’s success and exceed your customer’s highest expectations.

We are trust based company thanks to our partners we have collaborated since 1997. We have worked with top health club and fitness facility developers to design a profitable space which fits the best for your area.

We are developing your business plan. We are helping create your plan to make your fitness center profitable, utilizing our years of industry experience to prepare and execute a successful launch.

We are designing and building-out your club. Your personal expectations manners. Are you looking to open a Fitness Facility or are you looking to open a studio type gym? If you want to open a crossfit studio, we are here to assist you! I

If you need fitness equipments for your home, we are also here!

  • Starting or upgrading a gym or exercise center and need help selecting equipment? Contact us with your exercise needs, an overview of your users, as well as budget and space requirements and send us couple of photos of your area.
  • Mirrors are must for fitness centers. If you don’t know how do you need to place mirrors to create a deeper vision of your Gym, let us know.
  • Do you need some creative ideas to put you further among your future competitors? Write us an e-mail.
  • Did you know that we also have huge selection of flooring systems? We can determine the colors of your Gym and pick the right flooring system for your potential members!
  • We analyze demographics, potential and competition in order to pick your colour & design related products. Tell us your favourite color and let us share our thoughts and advices. We have many colours available in our product range!
  • Doesn’ matter if your favourite color is red, black, yellow or grey. We have broad selection of cardio and strength equipments available in our showroom!
  • We also offer security systems, toll gates and safe solutions which will help your club and generates leads.
  • Do you want us to design your fitness area? From 2D layouts & 3D renders to calculation and placement any desired number of machines with best possible options. Because we know the importance for advising you to have an optimum distribution of the spaces.
  • To design your fitness club, first of all we need to understand your area and if you are available, we can visit your club to make real time analysis!
  • We will help you the select the products you need and we can bundle some products to offer you big discounts.
  • If you need further assistance and have questions, please e-mail from info@sporvebiz.com or call +90 216 32 32 85. We are also here to brief you for regulations and must documentations to start your facility.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at our references, gym packages, after-sale capabilities and sample projects&recommendations.